Illinois Magic Fall Camps - Basketball Camps

Illinois Magic Fall Camps - Basketball Camps
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  • Company Illinois Magic

  • 1145 S. Rte. 31 #145 Crystal Lake, Illinois

  • Ages 8 years - 18 years


A Combination or Selection of Three Camps:


Illinois Magic Shooting Class


This class would break down the shooting technique of each and every individual player.


The Illinois Magic staff will offer the most up to date techniques and strategies to helping your son or daughter improve his or her shot.


With this class your son or daughter will be sure to improve their skills and become the shooter they want to be.


Illinois Magic Ball Handling Class


This class offered by the Illinois Magic staff is the best ball handling class in the area.


The elite staff of the Illinois Magic include many high school coaches and trainers that will make sure your son or daughter receives the proper attention in class.


The ball handling class is for players of all ages and levels and will cater to each player's individual needs.


The Illinois Magic will work on one ball drills, two ball drills, creative moves to the basket and many drills designed for college-style work-outs.


Basketball Specific Speed and Agility Training


The Illinois Magic have partnered with Davis Speed Center to provide our athletes with a one-of-a-kind class.


During this class, athletes will be exposed to basketball specific Speed and Agility Training.


Davis Speed Center employees will be orgainizing and running the class.


Speed and Agility training becomes very important when atempting to become an elite athlete.


Lateral quickness, hand eye coordination and foot explosion are only a few areas that will be focused on during the 8 week class.


1145 S. Rte. 31 #145 Crystal Lake, Illinois