Mission and Values

In Kampoos we help families and athletes to find the right activity. More importantly, the goal of changing the world through sport and technology is part of our DNA.

That is why we combine our marketplace and our SaaS with our Social Impact section where we can find a wide variety of activities in which sport contributes to making the world a little less unfair.

We can summarize it in three points:

  • Contribute to improve the world through sport and technology
  • Communicate the virtues of sport (healthy life or teamwork) through our activities
  • Assess families and athletes to find the most appropriate activity

What is Kampoos?

Kampoos is your number one choice when it comes to promoting your company’s sport camps and activities.

Anyone looking for a specific camp or club in their area, or nationwide, can receive information about the organization and get a direct connection to contact the camp or club they are trying to join.

If you or your company organizes sports activities, you can promote your activities and provide quality information to the public, giving you free and easy access to jump-start your business.